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Welcome to the Wild Beauty of Montenegro

“The sea of woods”, was noted by an excited author surprised by the vast areas of the Rozaje’s conifers.

Hajla, Zljeb, Mokra gora, Krstac and Turjak are the mountains that surround Rozaje, located in the valley divided by the river Ibar. This is the most wooded part of the Balkans in far northeast part of Montenegro. The little town, situated at approximately 1,000 meters heighth above sea level, was erected on the place where roads leading from the Lim to Ibar valley intersected and from there these roads were led towards Kosovo on the east and towards Serbia on the north, towards the Zeta and the Scadar valley and towards the warm Adriatic sea on the south. That is why Rozaje has always been the place for rest for numerous trade caravans and different historical migrations.